Friends Or Lovers

Is A Platonic Relationship Right For You

Only Friends Not Lovers

There are some advantages and disadvantages to a relationship that is platonic in nature, as opposed to one that is intense and more romantic. In theory, it would seem sensible to take a slower and more deliberate course in a relationship to ‘test the waters’ so to speak.

Whether a relationship becomes intense or not can not always be attributed to human emotions and sexual drives. Friendship and respect are two positive things that affect a relationship and can determine whether it is lasting or not.

Without a genuine friendship and mutual respect, there will never be a true friendship that lasts and that is the ultimate test of a true relationship. Interests and values that are held in common are vital for any relationship to get off the ground and have true meaning.

For example if one partner is interested in sports to a large degree and the other partner hates sports, then there will have to be some kind of understanding that evolves and is agreed upon, or there will be conflict right away.

There are reasons why a platonic relationship has its advantages. If agreement can be forged that a platonic mode of getting along can be maintained, it gives both parties the opportunity of finding out if they can get along at the most basic personal levels, before risking deeper and potentially more permanent involvement.

Too many times, people fall in lust and then find out that they really have nothing in common but the sexual side of things. If that is the only thing that they have in common together, it makes for a very fragile and potentially explosive time together.

Setting down some very simple and basic rules to keep the relationship platonic is an ideal way to start. Then when the time is right, if you find that your relationship has deepened into more than friends and you both feel that way, then you can let yourself relax and feel confident that your new relationship has had a strong foundation.